Reliable And Professional Respite Care For Disabled Adults

Are you looking for short term respite care near you in Melbourne for someone you love or for yourself? If so, then Infinite Ability is the right place for you. We offer professional and reliable respite care in Melbourne for disabled adults who need it the most.

Safe And High-Class Respite Care

We provide respite care for NDIS participants as per the need of these individuals and their families. We understand that it is not possible to take care of those disabled adults every single moment of a day. The family members and carers have their own life and other involvements too. In some cases, it becomes mandatory to get time for yourself to take proper care of your loved ones.

This is the reason we offer short term respite accommodation for these disabled adults where they can find proper care, support and comfort. We keep in mind the fact that every client and their families come to us with individual needs and we are committed to providing them without any fail.

Our Aim

  •  We aim to provide the disabled adults with a home away from home where they can feel peaceful, protected, loved and important.
  •  We also aim to provide their family members or individual carers with some time for their own recreation and other social involvements.

What We Do

  •  It can be our respite accommodation which you can avail for the disabled adult of your family when you are not with them for a certain period.
  •  You can also ask us to take them for a social outing where their communication skill can be optimized and they can enjoy the company of social communities.
  •  We keep in mind the client’s linguistic, cultural, social and general needs while offering respite care for an older adult.

Please be in touch with our team to get full information about our respite care team and programs.