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Short Term Accommodation and Assistance for NDIS participants

Are you looking for short -term Accommodation and Assistance for someone you love or yourself? If so, Infinite Ability Is the right place for you. We offer professional and reliable respite care in Melbourne for NDIS Participants who need it most.

Short term accommodation and assistance at Infinite Ability

We provide respite care for NDIS participants as per the need of these individuals and their families. Our short-term accommodation services are a home away from home for people with a disability. We give carer a break looking after their loved once with safe and quality supports to meet their needs.

Our Short-term accommodation and assistance (respite Care)provides Participants a proper care, support, and comfort. We keep in mind the fact that every client and their families come to us with individual needs and we are committed to providing them to meet their expectations.

Our Aim

  •  We aim to provide the disabled adults with a home away from home where they can feel peaceful, protected, loved and important.
  •  We also aim to provide their family members or individual carers with some time for their own recreation and other social involvements.

What support will infinite Ability Provide me?

All our Short-term Accommodation are welcoming and well- equipped for people with disability.  Our staff will also make sure your support needs are met.

We offer:

  • A short stay in a property with other people or on your own.
  • Additional support in your home.


You can stay for the day, overnight, a weekend, a holiday or longer.

You will meet new people in our accommodation, help you for personal care, meal planning and cooking, medication administration, recreational activities.