Happily Engaged In Improve The Lifestyle Of The People Living With Disabilities

We have been involved in this field for the last several years. We understand the limitations an individual with disabilities can face while leading the life in this modern time. We aim to reduce their stress and help them to win every battle with a wider smile. We provide respite care for disabled adult in Melbourne with full confidence about our skills and with endless affection towards them.


Infinite Ability offers complete care and support to the NDIS participants in Melbourne with an aim of making their lives less complicated and more successful as per their own terms and needs. We offer them services that can make their life easy to live. It includes taking care of their daily needs as well as offering assistance for community activities too.

What We Want

At Infinite Ability, want our clients to feel secure and satisfied when they hire our services. We want to offer them the highest quality support to meet their specific needs. Our short term respite accommodation aims to provide the caregivers and family members of those disabled adults with a little scope to enjoy their lives too. We also want them to engage and empower for their overall wellbeing as an inhabitant of a civilized society.

What Is Our Aim

Being in the charge of NDIS Scheme And Support Coordination, Infinite Ability aims to provide the disabled adult with a lifestyle that they deserve and desire. In this scheme, we try to engage them as well as their family members and carers as a community. We aim to assist for daily living as well as emergency respite care and placement – anything that our clients can feel comfortable about.

We Focus On...

  •  Engagement
  •  Strength
  •  Respect
  •  Empowerment
  •  Innovation
  •  Goal-setting
  •  Positive Attitude

Being an NDIS registered disability service provider in Melbourne, we understand what these people want from society. We try to give them the same. At the same time, we try to make them realize their roles in making society a better place by developing their life skills.

Please feel free to call us and know how we can assist you in your goal of achieving happiness, peace of mind and success in life for yourself as a disabled adult or your loved ones who are living their lives with such disabilities.