We Provide Complete Support Coordination For The NDIS Participants In Melbourne

People living with disabilities have some distinct needs. They have some sort of social, economic, emotional and physical needs that must be fulfilled. The support and coordination of Infinite Ability help them to identify those needs and fulfil them on their own. Our NDIS Scheme And Support Coordination aims to get you everything that you need to lead a healthy and happy life.

Support Coordination is support that disabled adults can obtain as a vital part of their NDIS plans. This scheme is designed to offer the maximum benefits to these people out of their NDIS package. You can choose a Support Coordinator and he or she will help you to plan how your first NDIS fund should be utilized. The coordinator will also help you to get in touch with all the other caregivers for various services as per your individual requirements.


We work as a team with our clients. We discuss and point out the main areas for which you need the maximum amount of the fund. We are NDIS registered disability service provider in Melbourne and we know how to get the best support from the NDIS funds for our clients.

  •  Training for planning the management of your NDIS budget
  •  Support connection with coordinators
  •  Coordination of support for an improved lifestyle
  •  Specialist support coordination as per your specific needs

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