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What Is NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS is an effectively flexible method of providing individualised support to people with disabilities for the long term. The NDIS mainly aims to provide those individuals with options and control over the rational and essential supports which they highly need to live their regular life as well as achieve their targets.

The scheme ensures that people living with disabilities can receive proper care and support which they desire and deserve to obtain an improved lifestyle.

What We Do

As NDIS registered disability service provider, Infinite Ability aims to make the life journey of disabled adults as simple, easy and trouble-free as possible. We are ready to provide you with support throughout your NIDS journey to make it effective and beneficial for you. Our NDIS pre-planning tool helps the individuals to be prepared for their NDIS planning meeting. Apart from that we also help them in obtaining various disability services as per their specific requirements.

NDIS Categories Infinite Ability Supports

  •  Development – Life Skills
  •   Daily Personal Activities
  •  Daily Tasks
  •  Group or Centre Activities
  •  Assist Life Stage and Transition
  •  Support Coordination
  •  Assist Transport
  •  Household Tasks
  •  Assist Personal Care and Safety

If you think you are eligible for NDIS then please contact us. We are here to serve you with our NDIS scheme and support coordination to make your life improved and successful according to your desire.