• Accessibilities

Enjoy Community Participation For An Interesting Lifestyle

In order to offer our clients a lifestyle full of excitement, happiness and innovation, Infinite Ability tries to help them in community participation.

This program is specially designed for the people with Disability who need social engagement and want to participate in various kinds of recreation activities as well. They can do so with the help of our community participation programs – either individually or in small groups. It can be a centre-based program as well.

The Main Aim

  • Empowering people with Disability to connect their interest in the community
  •  To enjoy social life full of activities and innovation
  •  To develop their skills to access the community without any help
  •  To feel happy and confident about their social participation in community activities

People living with disabilities get less chance to enjoy community lifestyle and participate in recreational activities. We offer Activities they are interested in and support them to get the best out of it.

Participate Community Services Include:

  •  Offer them company while going for appointments
  •  Develop their life skills, such as the use of public transport
  •  Assist them in shopping for their daily needs and special occasions
  •  Help them in enjoying some leisure moments as well as recreational activities
  •  Help them in their personal interest activities like cooking, gardening, fishing or painting

Greater Access Of Social Life Through Community Participation

Being disabled does not mean you cannot access your social life. It certainly creates challenges for you, but Infinite Ability is here to help you to overcome most of them. You can meet new people, learn life skills and feel closely connected to your community to enjoy an improved lifestyle. Sometimes, it can be meeting a new friend or going to a gym – no matter how would you like to enjoy being in a community; our experts can help you thoroughly. This program has something for everyone.

Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to offer our assistance for community activities for the disabled adults.