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Innovative And Encouraging Group Activities

At Infinite Ability, we understand the challenges as well as we care for the basic needs of the disabled adults. Apart from their individual needs they can feel the need of being a part of a group of people who can share similar thoughts and passion about life. This is the reason we encourage them in various kinds of group activities, which are innovative, recreational, motivational and supportive.

Aim Of This Program

We believe that every human being has some social requirements which can be fulfilled only when they get the chance of living a healthy and positive social life. Unfortunately, this cannot be possible for many adults living with disabilities. Our program is a friendly way to develop their social skills so that they can meet new people, make new friends and live their social life as per their desire.

What We Do

Along with providing respite care for NDIS Participant, we want to get them involved in more and more group activities where they can learn various types of social skills. This will develop their confidence and they feel good whenever they meet new people around them. They feel connected to the community and that encourage them to overcome their issues and feel good about not only the society but also about their own self.

Our Group Activities Include

  •  Dance
  •  Swimming
  •  Gym
  •  Martial arts
  •  Yoga
  •  Art and craft
  •  Cooking
  •  Day and night outings

All these activities are performed in groups with an aim of developing their individual skills and confidence. As a reputed disability support service provider in Melbourne, Infinite Ability helps them recognize their own skills as an individual and share them with their community as well as appreciate the skills of others.

Our experts can tell you how you can use your NDIS fund to enjoy these activities and obtain an improved lifestyle.

Please call us to know in details about our group activities for the disabled adults.