• Accessibilities

Easy, Safe and Efficient Transport Supports for People with Disability

we offer Activity Based Transport services to our Participant to attend their appointment, shopping and social, community participation purpose. We support you to live independently.

The Main Aim Of This Service

There was a time when disabled adults had to keep them inside their house ignored by the outside world assuming they are not capable enough to communicate, meet or talk. Thankfully, the time has changed a lot and nowadays, the people living with disabilities are no more considered as incapable individuals. They go outside, meet new people, take part in various social events, enjoy family life and become financially independent as well.

To fulfil all their tasks they need to go outside and our aim is to provide them with a secured and dedicated transport system as per their requirements. Apart from providing respite care for older adults, Infinite Ability provides dedicated transport service for them so that they can attend all their appointments on time.